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Suzi Worley Photography

About Me

Prior to the pandemic, my "playground" was a photo studio at the top of a Renaissance Revival high-rise, fondly known as the "Bank of Italy" building. This stone building with its distinctive cupola and needle-like patina green spire had an amazing warehouse feel on the inside perfect for photo sessions. This influence is evident in the portfolio on my home screen. I continue to capture these unique moments, now by appointment only.  

In 2020 we moved to Texas, and while my corner of the world has changed, my love for photography remains. The bulk of my work has shifted, to helping small business clients with their social media, corporate photos, and product photography through my marketing offerings at Suzi Worley Studios.

How's Texas?

I thought you'd never ask.

East Texas is amazing! Through my lenses, I bring you stunning pictures capturing the essence of Texas, right on your Instagram feed! 

Every now and then, I throw in a work related behind-the-scenes shot to showcase a fun product, trip, or client event. Because it's not just about showcasing the beauty of Texas, but also creating an engaging and relatable narrative. So, sit back and enjoy this visual journey on Instagram!

Salty Logic?

Exciting things are on the horizon! We're launching a unique line of ranch-themed products and card designs. These are no regular designs, imagine the rustic charm of a ranch, captured in one small package. This range could be the perfect addition to your existing collection or the starting point of a new one.  

Our Etsy store, Salty Logic, is all geared up for this launch, full of gift ideas, special occasion cards, and a lot more, filled with the essence of fun and a bit of ranch too! Experience a unique shopping experience that will surely make your day.

Here's to an amazing journey ahead!  Cheers!


Proud member of the Wedding and Portrait Photographers International (WPPI) and the Professional Photographers of America.